Alberta Municipal Affairs

Government amends the Municipal Government Act

The Government of Alberta has tabled amendments to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) to better serve Alberta’s municipalities

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New Partnership Framework

The Government of Alberta and the cities of Edmonton and Calgary have signed a framework agreement to renew discussions around the development of Civic Charters that are intended to provide the cities with the legislative ability to pursue innovations and efficiencies to better serve their residents in a number of areas.

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Do you have an open 2013 Southern Alberta flood Disaster Recovery Program application?

On January 24, 2015, the Province announced that 90 per cent of eligible funding will be advanced to Albertans with an open Disaster Recovery Program (DRP) file from the 2013 southern Alberta flood. If you have an open application, you will be contacted directly by DRP staff and they will help you through the process to close your file by summer.

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Alberta prepares for disaster

Given the recent wildfires that threatened communities across the province, emergency response was again top of mind. Did you know Alberta's emergency response professionals train year-round? Learn more about the largest mock disaster held earlier this year.

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