Builder Licencing

What’s Changing?

The Alberta government has introduced legislation to protect home buyers from disreputable builders. If passed, the New Home Buyer Protection Amendment Act will  create a builder licencing program that will hold builders accountable and improve the integrity and safety of residential construction.

Builder licencing will require builders to maintain an active licence to build new homes and secure warranty coverage. Combined with mandatory home warranties, builder licencing will increase consumer protection by:

  • requiring builders to apply for licencing by providing corporate and financial history and build experience;
  • providing a single online source of builder information to help consumers make informed decisions; and
  • creating the authority to remove or suspend bad builders.

Next Steps

Once the legislation is passed, specific program details will be outlined in regulations. The legislation and regulations are expected to come into force in fall 2017, with phased implementation over the next six months.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the New Home Buyer Protection Office at 1-866-421-6929, or email

  • Date modified: 2017-07-17