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Guidelines and application forms for the 2017 MSI Capital and MSI Operating programs are now available.

Please be advised that as of January 1, 2017, all MSI documentation, including MSI Capital project applications and amendments, Operating spending plans, and Capital and Operating SFEs, must be submitted through the Municipal Sustainability Online (MSIO) system. The 2017 version of these documents are no longer available.

Access to MSIO is through MAConnect, the Municipal Affairs web portal. Individuals can request access to MSIO through their municipality's MAConnect Stakeholder Administrator. Municipalities that have not yet entered into a Stakeholder Agreement for MSIO can request the agreement by emailing User Guides to assist with navigation through MSIO Capital and MSIO Operating are posted below. MAConnect can be found at

A signed copy of the MSIO application is not required. Contact information is provided in the program guidelines, and posted here.





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