Municipal Services and Legislation

The Municipal Services and Legislation Division works with municipalities and their associations to strengthen the capacity and viability of municipalities, and to ensure that Albertans are served by responsive, collaborative, accountable, and well-managed local governments.

Major Legislative Projects and Strategic Planning Branch

This branch is responsible for all legislative initiatives in the Municipal Services and Legislation Division, and ensures that the division maintains a planned and coordinated approach to the management of municipal statutes and regulations.  The branch is currently leading the comprehensive review - of the Municipal Government Act, a key piece of legislation that sets out the roles, responsibilities and powers of Alberta’s municipalities.
This branch also plays a key role in coordinating activities in support of municipal recovery efforts relating to major flood events of 2013.. 

Municipal Services Branch

This branch facilitates responsive, accountable and transparent local government in Alberta communities by helping build municipal capacity, encouraging regional collaboration, carrying out strategic policy research and development, and by implementing the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Sustainability Strategy (MSS). 
The branch helps to build the capacity of municipalities through advisory support in areas such as governance, administration and land-use planning, the provision of training and internship programs, and other tools that help municipalities operate effectively.
Municipal co-operation is a significant priority, and is fostered through dispute resolution training and assistance, support for regional services commissions, and support for regional planning initiatives.  The branch also facilitates processes involved in voluntary municipal restructuring, such as dissolution or amalgamation of municipalities.  Municipal review and inspections are carried out at the request of councils or in response to electors’ petitions.

The Special Areas Board

The Special Areas Board provides municipal services and public land management for the three special areas located in southeast Alberta. The board is appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

  • Date modified: 2016-12-22