Programs Supporting the Viability and Long-Term Sustainability of Municipalities

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  1. Agricultural Service Board (ASB) Grant Program

    This program supports municipal ASBs in the administration of legislative requirements under the ASB Act, and the development of programming supporting environmental best management practices. Eligible projects include: hiring of qualified staff, implementation of the ASB Act and projects related to: watershed protection, soil conservation, offstream watering and pesticide management.

    Program Application Forms must be received by Agriculture and Forestry or postmarked on or before January 31, 2017. For more information please visit the website using the link above.

    Budget 2016-17: $13.1 million

  2. Disaster Recovery Program (DRP)

    The DRP provides financial assistance to individuals, small businesses (including farming operations), not-for-profit cooperatives, municipalities and government departments for eligible uninsurable losses and damages caused by emergencies and disasters. It assists in providing or reinstating the basic essentials of life to individuals. The DRP is administered by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). Please visit the website for more information.

    Budget 2016-17: The DRP does not budget for disasters. The program is funded as disasters occur.

  3. Emergency Operations Centre and Localized Disaster

    The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and Localized Disaster program may provide disaster recovery assistance to a small  number of people, businesses or municipalities where the economic viability has been threatened and the cause of which was extraordinary, with damage or loss for which insurance was not readily and reasonably available before the disaster occurred.

    For more information please visit the website.

    Budget 2016-17: EOC and Localized Disaster does not budget for disasters. The program is funded as disasters occur. 

  4. Grants in Place of Taxes (GIPOT)

    A municipality may apply for GIPOT funding if there is property in the municipality that the Crown has an interest in to assist with the cost of providing municipal services.

    GIPOT grants are based on the property taxes the Crown would pay if the property were not exempt  from taxation.

    To receive GIPOT funding, applications (tax notices) for eligible property must be submitted during the tax year the  municipality is applying for funding.  Applications are approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

    Budget allocation for 2017-18: $59.3 million.

  5. Municipal Sustainability Initiative – Capital

    Since the program was announced in 2007, municipalities have been allocated almost $7.6 billion in Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Capital funding to meet the demands of growth, address local infrastructure needs, and enhance municipal sustainability. The Basic Municipal Transportation Grant (BMTG) was consolidated with the MSI capital program in 2014 resulting in increased program flexibility.

    All municipalities in Alberta i.e., city, town, village, specialized municipality, municipal district, improvement district, special area, Metis Settlement, and the Townsite of Redwood Meadows Administration Society, are eligible to receive MSI Capital funding based on their long-term funding agreement.

    Eligible project costs directly result in, relate to, or support, the acquisition, construction, development, betterment, rehabilitation or non-routine maintenance of capital assets in a variety of project categories. General types of capital projects include municipal roads, bridges, public transit, water and wastewater systems, emergency services facilities and equipment, solid waste management facilities and equipment, and other municipal buildings and facilities such as recreation and sports facilities, libraries, public works buildings, and cultural/community centres.

    MSI funds may be combined with, or used to fund the municipal contribution required under other provincial-municipal or federal-municipal grant programs, unless doing do is prohibited by that program.

    Budget 2017-18: $1.18 billion (including $331 million in BMTG funds)

  6. Rat Control Grant Program

    The Alberta Rat Control Program is administered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. It funds municipalities in Alberta's Rat Control Zone, which runs approximately 300 km along the Saskatchewan border. Stopping overland migration of rats is one means of keeping rats out of Alberta. The Rat Control Program assists municipalities in maintaining Alberta's "rat free" status. Funding is contingent upon annual inspections in the Rat Control Zone. For more information please visit the website using the link above.

    Budget 2016-17: $0.3 million