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The ministry provides support and advice to assist municipalities in providing Albertans with strong and effective local government. Support in enhancing municipal capacity and sustainability is delivered through advisory services, training, internship programs, and various other tools.

Municipal co-operation is fostered through land-use planning assistance, mediation programming, and financial support for regional collaboration. The administration of grant programs, including the Municipal Sustainability Initiative, reflects the government’s funding commitments to municipalities.

Assistance and advice are also provided to municipalities on assessment and tax-related issues. The ministry oversees the policies and procedures for the assessment of property in Alberta, determines each municipality’s share of the education tax, reviews and audits municipal assessments, and assesses linear property such as oil and gas wells, pipelines, electric power systems (generation, transmission, distribution) and telecommunication systems for Alberta municipalities. Equalized assessments are generated for requisitioning taxes for intermunicipal cost-sharing programs and in formulas for calculating various grants to municipalities.

The ministry also houses the Special Areas, as well as provides administrative management for seven Improvement Districts

Should you wish to speak to a Municipal Advisor, please call 780-427-2225.


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